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Mohammed Ellyas Lehry; fondly remembered and called as lehry is a theatre-maker that is constantly juggling his multiple identities. He is brown, Muslim, atheist, male, confused, post-colonial, anti-colonial, oppressed, English speaking, multi-lingual, designer, actor, producer, playwright and performer. He walks in and out of these multiple roles and identities and draws his stories from his personal, lived and historical experiences. 


Lehry is 26 years old and strives to survive surface stories of his experience and looks to occupy space in the collective conscience of the people. He works actively to share his methodological ways to empower people from the margins to share their experience at their own terms. He works to encourage persons to tell their story through pedagogical workshops, art and performative situations. 


Lehry enjoys chocolate in all its forms. He enjoys sombre music. He enjoys creating long-lasting friendships and strives to be a kind theatre-maker.

Read about performances and manifestations of the research at NTA by clicking here.

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For images of Lehry for press use click on the link below.
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