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Current Research

#DecolonialPerformance #Self-Producing #Remembrance #Storytelling #Forgetting #SelfinResearch #IdentityBased #Artivism #Sociallyengagedperformance #access #sustainability #decenteringperspectives

Performance is not so much about loud prophetic answers, but about asking important questions. Yet, asking the right questions is an incredibly complex and complicated process.

How to make it possible for the monetarily resourceless, the margins to participate in this art-making process of question-making? 

How to use performance and performance-making as a tool for achieving this purpose?

How do we ask these crucial questions in an accessible, decolonial and ethical manner?


In order to find the answers to the above questions my research takes two forms. One of doing (Auto-ethnographic Performance Creation) and another of recording, observing and analysing (methodology/process building).

lehry's research universe

the process is set out to be in this order making the contours of the exploration lead one into the other.


investigations of identity

discovering the self through lenses through investigative explorations of different aspects of identity; Nutrition, Body & Sexuality, Imagination.


self in performance

look at the self in specific contexts; post-colonial, historical, archive and lack of archive, gender.


solo and independent performance

looking at storytelling as a form of independent solo performance methodology


A storytelling performance about the most popular muslim food of india.


A performance art piece reflecting politics in India.


An anthology of dramatic scripts based on the Indian Muslim Identity.

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