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A tale of the Muslim man in India

Biriyani - it isn't a word, it isn't food. It is an archive. It represents many things. But what are those things? What has Biriyani to do with a farmer, a mob and two little cows? This is a story we rarely come across and don't hear often enough. Come, eat with me, and find out how this story can nourish you, how this can change how you perceive this 'Muslim/Mughal' dish' and how that perception changes over the course of an hour. 

The performance is a hybridisation of live audio storytelling and a culinary theatre experience. This performance was developed as part of Artistic Research of Lehry as part of the MA in Performance study programme at the Norwegian Theatre Academy, Østfold University College, Norway in September 2022. 


The show contains details both from real and fictionalised events.

Note: The show is originally designed for a Black Box or studio environment but is currently in development for living rooms and domestic spaces. Photography is permitted, but recording and sharing of material from the performance are restricted at the moment. The audience is expected to respect these boundaries. Of course, none of these rules and recommendations will be enforced. 

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