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Tell Me Your Story

The Tell Me Your Story Performance Pedagogy Framework is the result of a two year long artistic research project carried out by Lehry at the Norwegian Theatre Academy, Fredrikstad.


The core of this research is to try and find a series of exercises, actions and modalities with which performative situations in all its range of occurrences can be created while situating the realm of research within the body of the performer.


This means to tell stories, create narratives, perform performances that all come from within by using what one remembers, observes, thinks and feels.


The decimation of this research takes the form of a workshop or residency in which the framework is offered in the form of activities to participants. They are encouraged to take what is relevant to them and to create their own tools for their specific contexts of performance making.



The workshop has a special focus on sharing this framework with folks that come from marginalised communities. They are encouraged to “come as they are”. Their participation is encouraged by all means that are possible.

what is next?


  • To create a stand alone website where current strategies of the framework can be shared and circulated.

  • To create an incremental system of updates where new learnings within the framework can be added and previous versions are still available for reference.

  • To create a space where participants and works created from the framework can be hosted on the website to aid visibility and exposure​​​​​


To seek opportunities where the framework can be programmed and shared extensively.​ Who am I looking to partner with?

  • Academic Institutions: Institutions that teach performance making that have an interest in working with folks that hail from marginalised communities. Institutions that are interested in experiemental forms of performance that are made by and for marginalised communities. 

  • Art institutions: Theatres, Art Festivals and Companies that are interested in decentreing the narratives and celebrating performance that comes from the margins.

  • Culture organisations: Organisations such as municipalities and kommunes that are interested in listening to the stories of the often invisibilised lives of the city.


To create a course for facilitation of the framework.

Can you help with any of these? Please contact lehry at the earliest at


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