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why does

A call for genocide, a vandalised mosque, the burning of a madressa, the celebration of the destruction of muslim homes, the killing of a Muslim man in broad daylight. Over the years, I have often wondered what one is supposed to do in the face of distressing news. All seemed like direct, pointed attacks at my own identity. A sense of helplessness, vulnerability, and disillusionedness arises. The body is first silent but grows in its tremors, the face feels heavy. A tear appears. It disappears into the ground. But why? The answer for myself is quite clear. But for the onlookers, why does mohammed cry? is precisely the question. 


This performance was developed as part of Artistic Research of Lehry as part of the MA in Performance study programme at the Norwegian Theatre Academy, Norway and the Gender Performance and Technology Workshop, Paris in March 2023.  


The show contains details both from real and fictionalised events. 

Duration: 20 - 30 minutes

Language: English (Could be Hindi, Gujarati or Tamil)

Recommended viewing age: Unrestricted, Public space viewing

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